Health & Safety Policy Statement

Master Installs is committed to achieving positive health and safety results while maintaining high standards for production and quality. Master Installs believes in protecting the health and safety of our employees, clients, and community members impacted by our work. Master Installs critical to the safe execution of work. In order to achieve our goals of zero incidents and providing quality services, our work activities are guided by the following:

  • The Master Installs Principals will provide a safe workplace for their employees with safe work methods and adequate resources.
  • Health and safety must be an integral part of Master Install’s business operations; and therefore, must be an equal priority in every business decision and operation.
  • Every job can and will be done safely.
  • The safety of the employees will not be endangered to meet the requirements of production, service, or quality.
  • All employees have a responsibility to comply with the construction health and safety policies, procedures, and work practices, which may constitute a condition of employment.
  • Every Master Installs employee is accountable for their actions and is responsible for fulfilling their duties in a safe manner.